I'm currently playing on offense, defense, and most importantly; special teams. If you want to get technical, the position I'm playing is called "Project Manager." I've been called a "mover and a shaker", "my right hand", and "the trigger man"; but I'm not hubris enough to suggest that they're absolutely correct... but I'm not scared to say that I'm trying!

The places I've been educated are too numerous to state. If you're interested in my resume then it can be found below. I don't want you to read a dissertation about me so I'll keep this page short and simple. User experience specialist! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read!

My Skills

  • Design
  • Coding
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Education
  • Project Management


I've gone to school at several different institutions. I have training in several fields. However, I'm hoping this bar graph will give you a better feel for what I'm good at than certifications or degrees would. Who doesn't like having charts of data?! I know I do! If you want to have "technical" information then fine! I can work with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Camtasia, Premiere Pro, ScreenFlow, Rails, C++, Ruby, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Google Sheets, Google Docs, SEO, Copywriting and tons of other supplementary software that I feel it'd be boring to get into right now. But most importantly, I'm a lot better at Teamwork, Marketing, and Project Management. Those three are the fields I'm most passionate about!



I went to school for Computer Science to become a Software Engineer. However after I spent some time at my company I was promoted to Accounts because my employer felt that was a better use of my skills.

After becoming an Accounts guy I moved into Project Management because no matter what you're working on, software engineers and clients need to have someone who can serve as a bridge between the two entities that often have differing ideas and opinions; someone who can communicate effectively with engineers while at the same time managing client expectations.

  • Jan 2015 - Present

    Accounts and Software Engineer

  • Jan 2016 - Present

    Project Manager


I've built and thoroughly tested web applications using MVC principles, Ruby, Rails, and Rspec(for TDD). I've also continually persevered to improve my skills at UI/UX design because these elements are crucial to any technology company that wants to grow and maintain clients and users. This work required knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and Bootstrap; to say the least.

As a project manager, I'm in charge of bringing visions to reality. I maintain budgets, scout for and interview candidates, train interns, build teams by assessing whether or not candidates have the skills required and where the skills they do have are most applicable.

Project Management has also taught me the prerequisite of teamwork, the need to communicate effectively, and the valuable skills required to bring a project to fruition; including but not limited to time management, scheduling, interpersonal skills, cultural exchange, patience, and perseverance.


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